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Purple Roses with Lily Grass

Product #MD1995

Medium Memorial Type Not your memorial type?

Product Description
An elegant silk flower arrangement made from realistic purple roses, baby's breath, and lily grass. Purple roses are used to portray dignity and sophistication. They are a perfect memorial flower to celebrate a life full of success and happiness. This artificial bouquet is perfect to use as a memorial decoration at the gravesite of your Loved One any day of the year. Purple roses are often placed at the gravesites of grandparents but can be used for many occasions.

With 30 purple rose buds, this silk flower arrangement will look beautiful and full in the cemetery vase. Measuring about 24 inches tall, these silk flowers are sure to stand out at the gravesite.

We take pride in knowing we provide long lasting and durable flowers for cemeteries. Our artificial flowers for cemetery vases are designed using UV resistant materials and non-bleed colors. Our flowers are weather resistant and guaranteed to last longer outdoors in the sun. The colors will not bleed onto the headstone when wet. We recommend changing the flower arrangements every 2 to 3 months to keep your Loved Ones memorial looking exceptional.

Our unique Stay-in-the-Vase Design assures that you will no longer have to worry about cemetery flowers blowing out of the vase at the gravesite. Our patented Stay-in-the-Vase Design comes securely attached to the bottom of this flower arrangement and will make certain the grave flowers fit tight in standard bronze cemetery vases. You will not have to deal with the hassle of trimming foam any longer. Simply place the flowers in the cemetery vase and you're done.

Product Tags
Special Day, Easter, Roses, Summer, Rose Bud, Spring, Purple, Baby's Breath, Medium

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