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Salmon Rose and Purple Mum Saddle and 1 Bouquet

Product #1SD2708_1LG2705

Product Description
A cemetery saddle arrangement and bouquet set that features spring Pink Salmon Mums, Purple Roses, and White Daisies.

This saddle is made on a metal frame. The "legs" of the saddle are adjustable, so they can be tightened or loosened to fit securely on the top of almost any monument. You will need to bend the saddle legs down when you are ready to place it on the monument.

This handmade saddle arrangement is designed using Flowers For Cemeteries, Inc's high quality silk bouquets. The dyes used in the manufacturing process are ultraviolet (UV) resistant and the silk material has been treated to prevent color bleeding when it gets wet. This bouquet is designed to be in a cemetery, exposed to the elements, and still look great after 2-3 months.

This comes with 1 matching side vase arrangements that features our Stay-in-the-Vase Design attached to the base of the flowers. This device is a plastic piece with spikes that is designed to keep your flower arrangement securely in the cemetery vase. The wind will not blow it out and it cannot float out from water.

Product Tags
Roses, Summer, Salmon, Mums, Spring, Purple

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